The Labour Party Inquisition – a case study

The JVL reprinted the more-than six month saga of George Wilmers’ investigation by the Governance and Legal Unit of the Labour Party. This record raises many questions, some of which have been raised previously – such as the scant evidence on which the Party chooses to pursue an investigation, and a style of  interrogation that appears designed to give those accused little choice but to incriminate themselves. But what may be new is the rigour of the challenge George has presented to the way in which this investigation, like others, has been conducted. As George, says it’s not as if these inquisitorial procedures are confined to his case and his purpose was to challenge the juridical foundations of the investigative process. The Party has yet to respond to this challenge. But this, coupled with the “I accuse myself”  letters sent by a number of Jewish members, might be a turning point in what has seemed up till now a one-sided battle where those subject to allegations of antisemitism have been prevented from defending themselves