Thank you for visiting my website. I currently live in Nottingham, England where I have lived since 1996. I worked at the University of Nottingham as a researcher/academic in the School of Education for 24 years and "retired" in October 2017.

A main theme of this website is to tell the story of my experience of the Labour Party National Constitutional Committee (NCC). Having been a committed member of the Labour Party for 25 years, I was shocked to find myself in the middle of a witch-hunt by a very tiny number of members who it seemed to me were disgruntled at Jeremy Corbyn's victory and the threat they felt this posed to the Party - a stance I presumed was shared with officers of the East Midlands Regional Office and members of the NCC. I am of course by far and away not the first and only victim of purges and witch-hunts in the Labour Party. This has now become the standard way the hard right of the Labour Party strives to maintain its power. This does not make comfortable reading. I have delayed publishing this in order to give the Party an opportunity to rethink. However all communication with the General Secretary has failed to move us forward. I have produced a leaflet for distribution to Party members (see below). To read the full background to the case, go to The Labour Party. To leave a message of support go to The Contact.