The Labour Party Condones Abuse by the Right

This page provides details of how the Labour Party responds differently to complaints made against those who are critical of the leadership. I provide an example of how the Branch Secretary of West Bridgford branch was abused on-line by four quite senior Party members, all know to be critical (and at times sarcastically so) of the leadership. 

The Abusive posts

Here are screenshots of an exchange between four male Party members over the issue of Chris Williamson’s activity over reselection of MPs. This rapidly becomes an opportunity for “men’s changing room” abuse. Complaints were sent by several Party members, the Chair of West Bridgford Branch, and myself.  It was necessary to badger “Complaints” before we got replies. It certainly pays to be on the right side (sic) of the Party apparatus.

The Abuse

See here the complete exchange between Richard Oliver, an Official of the GMB, Andrew Furlong, Ravi Subramanian, and Dom Anderson.  It begins with Dom Anderson, a Derby Councillor, and ex Labour Party member calling Umaar Kazmi, Branch Secretary of West Bridgford Labour Party,  “a monumental bellend” for supporting Chris Williamson’s campaign for reelection. Andy Furlong, a member of the East midlands Regional Board (and the person responsible for organizing a secret meeting in Rushcliffe that led to Umaar’s suspension in 2016) , replies with “There are some better words in here Dom..” and attaches an OFCOM document which identifies inappropriate language, including “bellend” which as a term of abuse should not be used on-line.  So here we have, a senior (but right-wing, so it’s ok) member of the Labour Party, jokes about abusing a young Asian Party Oficial. This is something Georgia Power, also a Nottingham City Labour Party councillor thinks is  “The best thing I’ve seen“. Subsequently, Ravi Subramanian, a GMB official, whom I gather is married to Labour MP Lilian Greenwood, adds “Dom is being totally unfair to other monumental bell ends by comparing them to Umaar“. Now all of this on a public page of a GMB Official – Richard Oliver. Disgraceful, locker room stuff. From pele who really ought to know better, but more significantly are opponents of the socialist transformation of the Labour Party. I leave you to make your own mind up.

Several formal complaints were made, including myself and West Bridgford Branch Chair, and CLP Chair, all of which were whitewashed by the Labour Party. Below is my detailed complaint to the general secretary. plus the response. 

The Party Response.

The only response we got to every complaint against this abuse is this, followed by my response. 

and my response: